Pre Season – Intro

‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure’ – Colin Powell

For a lot of clubs up and down the country managers, coaches and players are all starting their pre season phase with their respective clubs, and we’re no different. Some of our players within our ranks have aspirations of playing professionally or at semi pro level and our objective is to give them the best opportunity possible to make sure they’re ready for when that time comes around. Normally when players report back to their parent clubs they are greeted by old teammates and dozens of new faces – from new signings to trialists, everyone is out to impress to earn their shirt for the season ahead. In a time where players come and go it’s pivotal that the new players are not playing catch up and we’re trying to give them that much needed head start.


We’re heading into pre season off the back of a very successful ‘Season 2’ and we’re looking to use the momentum from that going into a new phase of our training regime. From June 30th throughout to early August we’ll be training 2/3 times a week. Our sessions are open to players aged 16 or over and the sessions cater to all types of playing abilities and experiences. So if you’re without a club or you need extra sessions to get fitter and stronger C&G is the place to be.

For any enquiries or you would like to register your interest about joining the program you can message us directly via FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Image by the wonderful Hols Cooper

Season 2, Match Day 2 – Coats & Goalposts Vs Celeb FC

‘There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.’ – Malcom X

Line-ups: Coats & Goalposts.
Junior, Akhtar, Roddy (C), Kai, Jeffrey, Isaiah, Marlon, Marius.

Line-ups: Celeb FC.
Darren, Marlon, Jamil, Callum, Josh, Ady (C).

Match report

For our second friendly match, we hosted Celeb FC down at Three Corners Adventure. It was a very physical but entertaining affair which Celeb FC narrowly squeezed the win at the final whistle.

Coats & Goalposts raced into a very early three nil lead and looked in control for the early stages of the game before Celeb FC began to find their rhythm. With each passing minute, Celeb FC grew in confidence and quickly overturned the three-nil deficit and took the lead with four very well taken goals in a short space of time.

With half time fast approaching Coats & Goalposts managed to keep themselves in the game after a five-minute onslaught from the opposition to keep the fight alive at 9-7.

Going into the second half, both teams started off confidently, playing some great end-to-end football which resulted in loads of opportunities to score. The score line remained tight throughout the game and the passion was evident with strong tackles flying in left, right and centre. With three minutes left to play and Coats & Goalposts being one goal down they pushed on to get that all important goal to draw level but with time running against them, Celeb FC slowed down the game and took the sting out C&G momentum and took the win.

Final Score: Coats & Goalposts 13 – Celeb FC 14

Man of the Match


MOM – Marius.

Managers thoughts

“Football matches are won and lost by fine margins and in this case, it was just the one goal that eluded us. This performance compared to the first game we played over a fortnight ago the boys looked like a completely different outfit. The desire, the passion and everyone’s overall game had risen by 200%. It was a performance I was extremely proud of, our pattern of play is developing vastly and our structure is becoming more solid with each passing week. The only thing that let us down on the day was being clinical in the final third. We created a lot of chances on the day and I felt that predatory instinct in front of the goal was lacking but overall there are many positives to take away from that performance and I am very happy with what I witnessed out there.”


Roddy with a tidy finish.


Izzy trying to drive the team forward.


Ady and Junior battling for possession.


Marlon trying to get a shot away.


Players didn’t hold back in the tackles.


Players jostling for possession.


Gaffers half-time team talk.


Jeffrey starting the second half brightly.


Kai assessing his options.


Celeb FC keeping the ball under pressure.


Chances came thick and fast.


Akhtar trying to get a shot off.


Josh putting marlon under pressure.


Roddy finds the back of the net again but it wasn’t enough to draw level.


The boys looking dejected after the final whistle.

The next fixture is going to be in late June back at Three Corners Adventure. Team and timing are all to be confirmed.

All images were taken by the wonderful Hols Cooper.

Season 2 Match Day 2 – Coats & Goalposts Vs Celeb FC Team News & Managers Quotes

‘Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.’ – Denis Waitley

Coats & Goalposts Vs Celeb FC

Team Line-Ups

Coats & Goalposts
Manager: Shameek Farrell
Roddy (C)

Celeb FC
Manager: Karin Flower

Managers quotes: Shameek Farrell


After our first match against St Leonard’s FC I was very pleased with the reaction of the players and their desire to improve.

We are thoroughly looking forward to be hosting Celeb FC down at Three Corners Adeventure. Celeb FC are a non profitable celebrity football team who travel up and down the country rasing money and profiles of various different charities – something that I am also proud to be apart of, although I am no celebrity.

After our first match against St Leonard’s FC I was very pleased with the reaction of the players and their desire to improve. The boys have been working hard in training and they’re beaming with confidence and if they can replicate what they’ve been doing in training then it shall be a great game.


Home soil.

Address: Three Corners Adventure EC1R 0HU

Kick off: 16:45pm

Date: 21st May 2017

Admission: Free

Coats & Goalposts x Virgin Sport Hackney Half Festival

‘I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.’ – Queen Elizabeth ll

When I first started Coats & Goalposts I wouldn’t ever in my wildest dreams imagine that we’d be hosting a creative football workshop at the first Virgin Sport Hackney Half. Here I am today still trying to process last weekends events, what we achieved collectively and the impact we had on the day.


I’m a Hackney boy through and through and I live two minutes away from the Marshes. Growing up as a kid the Marshes was my back garden to be free, now I’m on the other side helping to re-engage my community via the power of movement.

Initially when I got asked to this I was blown away… Virgin Sport could’ve had anyone they pleased but the fact they chose Coats & Goalposts was amazing and a dream come true. Also it was a polite reminder that what we do is dynamic, fresh, and is needed.


On the day I was so excited to get underway, as soon as 9am hit our first session kicked off (no pun intended) and it didn’t ease up throughout the day. Everyone was having a go from kids, to parents and even runners who had completed the half marathon – it was great to see so many people get involved. Regardless of ability seeing their smiles just filled me up with so much joy and I can’t wait to do it all again soon. Big up to all the participants on the day, you guys are absolute stars.



Major thank you to Liv and Theo (Virgin Sport) Abi, Becca and Pietro (Progress) and lastly my Coats & Goalposts players who supported on the day, Isaiah, Jeffrey Marlon and Roddy – WE DID IT!


Season 2, Match Day 1 – Coats & Goalposts Vs St Leonard’s FC

‘Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation.’

Line-ups: Coats & Goalposts.
Junior, Akhtar, Roddy (C), Kai, Jeffrey, Isaiah, Marlon, Marius.

Line-ups: St Leonard’s FC.
Chris R (C), Chris H, Graham, Aron, Isaac, Phil.

Match report.

In our first series of friendly matches we lined up against St Leonard’s FC who came off victorious in a end to end action goal fest at Three Corners Adventure.

The first five or ten minutes started off really even with both teams trying to find their feet within the game. After a while the game started to open up with chances falling on both sides, St Leonard’s was very clinical in the final third and punished mistakes that were made.

The game was very close going into half time, with St Leonard’s winning 8 – 6. At half time, we made some structural changes to help nullify the opposition attack and to give us the best opportunity to take the game to them.

The second half of the game was a lot more open from the offset. The changes we made at half time definitely suited our play more with chances becoming more frequent. With Coats & Goalposts chasing the game, spaces were left behind in the defence which left us vulnerable to the counter attack and towards the last knockings of the game. SLFC ended the game with back to back goals. All in all it was an entertaining match, with both sides not holding back and going for the win.

There were loads of positives to take away from that performance and the players should go away with their heads held high regardless of the result. St Leonard’s played some beautiful football at times and it was great to see the boys go toe to toe with them.

The final score: Coats & Goalposts 10 – St Leonard’s FC 15

Man of the match: Kai Wright

Next friendly match: May 21st against Celeb FC.


Power and pace. 


Izzy keeping the ball under pressure.


Isaac dictating play.


Roddy trying to create a moment of magic.


End to end action.


Gaffers half time team talk.


Graham putting his body on the line.


SLFC keeping the ball well despite high press from C&G.


Akhtar with his back to goal trying the link the play.


SLFC were victorious but C&G did themselves proud.

All images were taken by the talented, eagle eyed, Hols Cooper. To find out more about her work please click here.

Season 2, Week 1, 2 and 3 – Prepare, Turn Up, Execute.

‘Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.’ – Mario Andretti

WE ARE BACK!! My sincere apologies that this post has come A LOT later than planned but better late then never.

So Gaffer, what’s new? What’s been going on and what have we missed with C&G?

After completing Season 1, we went off for a three week break to reevaluate, recharge the batteries and to reset. Season 1 was a massive triumph and planning the layout for Season 2, I knew I had to introduce a few things to keep things fresh and dynamic down at pitch side:

(1) To build upon what we’ve learned so far and maintain a high level of performance week in week out.

(2) To play friendly matches so I can really see how far they have come individually as well as collectively as team.

(3) To add new training methods and work on new components that will test and take the players to the next level.

(4) To introduce/recruit new players so there’s a competition for places.

Out of the four listed above, objectives number two and three are high priority in my mind. From Pre Season last year to Season 1, the players have trained extremely well and have developed massively during that time. Although training is the perfect place to learn I wouldn’t completely know where their performance levels were at and whether they really improved until I got them into a competitive match. Having that component is needed, the purpose of training is to become better and to prepare for a particular event or moment.

So we kicked off Season 2 with that at the front of our minds, we started to prepare for our first competitive match against St Leonard’s FC in late April. We had three weeks to physically and mentally switch on to the task in hand, I introduced new subjects to work on during training i.e working on formations, set plays, philosophy/identity of play and lastly specific tactics. Now for most of the players, some of this was foreign to them but they all relished the new tasks I put before them which filled me up with great confidence preparing for the game.

For the past three weeks, the players have been going through their paces and now it’s finally time to see what they can do. I am not fussed about the scores but what do want to see is their heart, desire and work rate accelerate from the first whistle to the final whistle. I’m excited to see how they get on with their future endeavours this season.



Season 1, Full Time – Gaffers Words After The Whistle

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced.”
– Swami Vivekananda

Wow! Here we are, the whistle has blown for the last time this season. These past ten weeks have just flown by and I’ve cherished every moment fondly.

In this post I’ll be discussing my experience coaching the players, my personal highlights and lastly what the future holds for Coats and Goalposts. So get comfy, turn your phones on silent, put your meetings on hold as I give you insight to what happened over the thin white line.

My experience coaching the players –

Jan 8th 2017 saw the first session of ‘Super Sundays’ take place at Old Market Square, Columbia Road. I’ve known the majority of the players for a while, some have joined by word of mouth or seeing us on social media. I have ten to eleven core members but I also have people drop in when they can for pitch side vibes. The Super Sunday training program is a program that progressively intensifies week, which also included, dietary advice, body conditioning, ball skills, meditation, strength work and Yoga. Some of the stuff we’ve incorporated into the program were alien to some of the players but with repetition and hard work the players become accustomed the drills and philosophy of C&G – I’ve been lucky enough to inherit an amazing group of players. Saturday night I always visualise how things will pan out pitchside, Sunday morning I normally get very jittery because I am anxious to get underway. Once we get going, I am in my element and everything flows beautifully.

Highlights –

There have been many special moments I can recall but I’ve picked my top three moments that were momentous at Super Sundays. So in no particular order…

The first moment that came to mind happened during Week 2, Yogahood with Sanchia. Prior to Sanchia coming down, only three out of fourteen players had done yoga before. Seeing these young men on the mat really struck a cord with me, and that was how receptive and open they were. They allowed their bodies/minds to be free and Sanchia to give them a wonderful session that they all thoroughly enjoyed and request to have more of.

Second on the list was the award ceremony. That was a very special night, I planned making that happening on my iPhone about year ago on the train, not in my wildest dreams did I think I would’ve actually made it happen. I felt it was very important that we celebrated the players’ successes and being able to have Paul Canoville come down to share the evening with us was amazing. I was overwhelmed with the turn out and emotions once the night concluded.

And lastly, on our final session we had a training match. Myself and Courtney live in the same house – I don’t know what he had in his Weetabix but he was on it! Now Courtney is one of our guns in the team and always works hard but in this session particularly, he went above and beyond. It honestly blew me away. I’m always in his ear because I know what he’s capable of and everything just clicked on that day, which earned him man of the match.

What’s next for C&G?

Season Two kicks off on April 9th back at Columbia Road, Old Market Sqaure. For ages 16+

Coats and Goalposts Juniors (date and location TBC) we’ll be working with ages 8 to 12 and is open to all.

We’ll be hosting our own strength and condition class every Friday 10am @ SPACe Gym. Classes cost £4, to come down you must RSVP as spaces are very limited.

We’re working on new projects which I can’t say too much about at the moment, but all will be revealed soon. What I can say is we’ll be doing more work off the field, holding mobile workshops and hosting more events to raise awareness and to fundraise.

I am really looking forward to our future endeavours and everything in between. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling (no pun intended).

See y’all over the thin white line soon.

Shameek A. Farrell aka The Gaffer.